Smart QnA for your product
that turns visitors into customers
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QnA service made with intelligence

Just a few mouse clicks and you get a smart QnA page for your product or service.
Your user get their answers automatically and you can spend more time to make your product better.

Search/QnA widget

Aistant Search Widget - is a totally configurable custom search box for your website or blog.
Visitors ask questions. Aistant gets the right answers from your knowledge base.
You get a notification about the questions that remain unanswered.

Search suggestions

Usually, people don’t know how to ask for what they need.
Aistant can help with that by generating search suggestions based on the content of your website. You can modify the list of suggestions, add your own ones and link some of them to the concrete pages (or even to some part of those pages).


What your visitors search for? What are the most frequent queries? Do they satisfied with the results? You will get the answers for these and other questions with our analytics tool.

"Contact us" form

Search request - is the first interaction of the potential client with your website. If they found what needed - that’s great. If not - why don’t convert such a search query to a support request and continue the conversation via the selected channel (email, messenger, etc)?

Smart Help Center

An advanced knowledge base management service is the first step to customer care automation.
Here are the main features Aistant already has:

Documentation hosting

Totally customizable help center for your product or service. Your own logo, header/footer, page layouts, and styles.

Advanced article management

Your knowledge base’s content is under your full control. You can organize your documentation with hierarchical sections, assign tags and questions to articles and re-order the position of articles at any time.


Aistant automatically creates a new version of your article on each modification. You can publish some previous revision and work on the latest draft at the same time.

AI-powered search

Good question - is a half of an answer. That's why Aistant provides smart search suggestions based on your documentation's content and users’ search requests.

Custom domain and in-site integration

You can assign your own domain to your Aistant account and even integrate the help center to your own website (here is an example)